How To Restore Deleted Messages On Whatsapp in 2022?
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How To Restore Deleted Messages On Whatsapp in 2024?

How To Restore Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Web Easily? For most individuals who use WhatsApp, the Web version has become an essential part of their daily lives. There’s no better way to keep up with friends and coworkers than using social media. Your WhatsApp Web tab, which is likely pinned to your desktop or laptop browser window, exposes you to the eyes of anybody in the same room or workplace, making it privacy and personal space encroachment.

Using WhatsApp Web isn’t as private as using the app on your phone. For those who don’t want to use WhatsApp traditionally, a Chrome extension called ‘WA Web Plus for WhatsApp’ enables you to do things like retrieve lost messages, conceal your online status and even view receipts.

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp: How to Set It Up?

To install the extension, you need to visit the Chrome Web Store and choose the Extensions tab. Type “WA Web Plus for WhatsApp” into the search bar and click the “Add to Chrome” option on the right to install the extension.

Instructions For Using WA Web Plus To Send Whatsapp Messages

It’s as simple as going to the extension’s settings page and enabling the features you wish to utilize. Click on the ‘Extensions’ icon to access this feature in Chrome. The URL bar will have a jigsaw puzzle piece-shaped portion on the right side. The WA Web Plus for WhatsApp icon may be found here and clicked on. Sections called “Privacy” and “Customizations” will appear after you access the settings page.

You’ll need a subscription service to use some of these services. Hide typing status, hide online status and restore deleted messages, among other valuable features, are all included for free. It’s as simple as ticking the attributes you wish to utilize. Whenever you open WhatsApp Web on a browser, you’ll see all of your new features instantly.

As you can see in the right-hand shot, the burring characteristics are obscuring finer details as a result. You are free to utilize the extension’s other capabilities and retain what you choose. The WA Web Plus for WhatsApp settings page allows you to uncheck any undesired features so that you may turn them off at any time.


Does WhatsApp Web allow you to see your past messages?

It’s not possible to have a WhatsApp discussion on your laptop or computer if you’re using WhatsApp online, which is merely a way to link your phone to your computer or computer over the Web. A deleted communication cannot be recovered since it has been completely erased from the system.

How can I retrieve deleted texts on my computer?

The garbage icon may be seen on many desktops. Using the Windows search box next to the Start menu, type “recycle” and then “recycle.”

To recover lost WhatsApp messages, what’s the best application to use?

WhatsRemoved is an Android app that allows you to examine WhatsApp messages that have been removed. You must enable notifications for all WhatsApp chats on your smartphone’s notification system for the software to intercept and retrieve deleted communications.

Can deleted texts be retrieved?

When messages are not overwritten, they may be recovered. Set your phone to Airplane mode as soon as possible after discovering that essential texts have been deleted to prevent new messages from erasing them.

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