How long can you record with Ray-Ban glasses?
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How long can you record with Ray Ban glasses?

Facebook has declared that it will be hiking the limit of video recording of the Ray-Ban Facebook Stories about their sunglasses from half a minute to one full minute. They are also releasing their glasses in France, Belgium, Austria, and Spain. So do the readers wish to know How long can you record with Ray-Ban glasses?

New Lenses, More Styles, And Accessible in More Regions

Facebook mentioned that the intelligent Ray-Ban sunglasses made their introduction in the United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and the United States, last September. They also debuted in a couple of retail stores in Belgium, Austria and Spain at the beginning of 17th March and in some French cities at the starting of 14th April. Besides this launch, Facebook mentioned that new lenses and color varieties are also being made accessible.

In the first half of April, this brand planned to introduce four fresh hue combinations in each market where the sunglasses from the Facebook stories were accessible. This involves Wayfarer Shiny Black in the presence of Brown Transitions, Wayfarer Matte Black in the company of Gray Transitions, Round Shiny Black in the fact of Brown Transitions, and Round Shiny Black in the presence of Gray Transitions lenses. With those addictions, stories are going to be accessible in 28 various versions.

Transition lenses are capable of adopting the alteration of light atmosphere and become darker in brighter light and become more delicate when the user steps into a dimmer location or indoors.

Stories had one bit of a shaky reaction in the European countries as regulators showed concerns about their LED light. That hints the glasses are capturing a video or picture can be insufficient to confirm privacy. Particularly both the data protection commission or DPC of Ireland and Garante, which is the privacy watchdog of Italy, have voiced their worries. These sunglasses are reserved for debut in Ireland and Italy next month. Those Harsh criticisms have been soothed.

Ray Ban glasses stories application updates

On top of fresh sales variance and regions, Facebook has declared a couple of new application characteristics coming to this smart sunglass. It adds to the earlier update from December that permits users to send messages and make phone calls along with controlling media that are playing on their glasses.

  • Firstly, Ray-Ban stories are going to be capable of capturing up to a minute of video. Utilizers can switch between half a minute and a full minute as the maximum capturing length in this Facebook view software settings. 
  • Secondly, Facebook will add the capability of utilizing video controls in Italy and France to permit the glasses to take videos and pictures and check the status of both the storage and the battery. 

Now that the readers understand, How long can you record with Ray-Ban glasses? Then they should also know right now that this aspect is only accessible in English. The Facebook authorities are also making this view application accessible in German, Dutch, Spanish, and French. Those updates were made applicable in April.

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